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Guangdong Guoli Science and Technology Co., Ltd.: A number of new products debuted in the United States, highly praised by the industry
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Recently, the 2018 International Footwear Innovation Summit opened in Hotel Indigo, Los Angeles, which was attended by many internationally-renowned companies, such as Adidas, Nike, Alibaba, Allbirds, Under Armour, Clarks, Tory Burch and Crocs.

Guangdong Guoli Science and Technology Co., Ltd., as a listed company specialized in developing EVA/TPR environment-friendly modified materials and products in China, Guoli Science and Technology (300716), displayed many core products made with new formulas and new processes, attracting a large number of international visitors, who highly praised such products.

Many new products debuted

As we all know, the International Footwear Innovation Summit (FIS) is a BIG SHOW that captures the latest trends and technology of internationally-famous companies in the footwear industry. Some internationally renowned footwear brands and manufacturers have become frequent visitors to this summit. Guoli Science and Technology, as the leader in EVA/TPR environment-friendly modified materials and products, was invited to participate the FIS in Los Angeles this year.

The core products of Guoli Science and Technology are EVA/TPR environment-friendly modified materials and products. At this expo., Guoli Science and Technology displayed many core products made with new formulas and new processes, such as Floating Rubber, ESBE Midsole, G-lite foam and so on, which have been greatly optimized and upgraded in terms of density range, aesthetics, wear resistance and comfort, thus greatly improving the market competitiveness of the products.

What’s more, at this summit, Guoli Science and Technology also displayed new products such as knitted sole materials and knitted shoes produced by its holding subsidiary Guoli Flyknitting.
According to the source from the company, Guoli Science and Technology was invited to participate in the exhibition and communicate with some international brands, where they showcased their products. From then on, the industry would know the company better. More importantly, through communication with these well-known brand manufacturers, the company could directly understand the needs of these well-known brands better to promote their cooperation.

Technology means the future

With the rapid development of the economy, the popularization of environmental protection concepts and the introduction of relevant policies, the market demand for environment-friendly modified materials will be further expanded along with the continuous improvement of residents' living and environmental awareness.

EVA and TPR environment-friendly modified materials are indispensable for finished shoe manufacturers. To meet the new requirements of customers for modified materials, the company keeps on increasing the investment in R&D of new formulas and products.

Guoli Science and Technology knows well that technology means the future. They can develop different modified materials and products in response to customers' demands only by making greater efforts in R&D, increasing R&D investment, purchasing advanced R&D equipment and employing experienced R&D teams.

With experience in R&D over year, as of June 30, 2018, the company had owned 4422 formulas, including 1894 EVA environment-friendly modified materials, 1576 TPR environment-friendly modified materials, and 952 modified engineering plastics. In terms of environment-friendly modified materials, it has achieved 46 R&D results, of which 26 had been commercialized (part of R&D achievements have been commercialized).

At present, the company has become a supplier designated by internationally-renowned companies such as CROCS, AMAZON, WALMART, INCASE, PAYLESS, DISNEY and Decathlon. Meanwhile, the company is also a supplier to well-known brands in China.

The reason why the company can be recognized by well-known customers at home and abroad is that the company has a cutting-edge advantages in technological innovation.

In August, the company's high-strength and high-fluidity carbon fiber reinforced flame retardant HIPS material and its preparation method were awarded the national invention patent, which effectively improved the strength, fluidity and flame retardancy of the carbon fiber reinforced flame-retardant HIPS material. The performance and market competitiveness of the product are highly improved. The material is mainly applied in electronics, electric appliances, automobiles, home appliances, toys and the like.

Outcomes appeared in industry chain expansion

Guoli Science and Technology successfully got listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2017. Since 2002, the company has been focusing on the energy-saving and environment-friendly new materials and has a complete industrial chain of EVA/TPR environment-friendly modified materials and products.

In March of this year, the holding subsidiary Dongguan Guoli Flyknitting Co., Ltd. was established and put into operation successfully, which developed a variety of new products. The subsidiary provides important assistance in R&D and business development, further enhancing the company's comprehensive strength and competitiveness.

At the exhibition, Guoli Flyknitting displayed various special products, which made outstanding breakthrough in waterproofing and fluorescent coloring of shoes and won praises from visitors. At present, the knitted products have been supplied to finished shoe manufacturers, and the outcomes of industrial chain expansion have appeared gradually.

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