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Leaders from Provincial Financial Affair Office and representatives from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange visited our company
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On the morning of November 29, 2012, Mr. Liu Kaiwen, the Deputy Director General of the Financial Bureau of Dongguan City, Mr. Wang Xiaoyu, the Director of the Financial Bureau of Dongguan City, Mr. Zhong Kezi, the member of the CPC committee of Daojiao Town and Mr. Zeng Yubiao, the Chief Representative of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, visited our company. Accompanied by Mr. Shao, the Chairman of our company, Mr. Yang, the Vice GM and Mr. Luo, the GM, they viewed the production workshop, R&D center and product showroom.

At the symposium, Mr. Shao introduced the development history and future planning of our company to the leaders. Mr. Liu gave clear instructions and suggestions on the future development, especially the operation in the capital market. Mr. Zeng introduced the listing rules for SMEs of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.  

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