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Traveling and refreshing together, ascending mountains for sightseeing
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At 2:30 pm on March 5, led by Mr. Shao, the Chairman of Guangdong Guoli Science and Technology Co., Ltd., more than 100 employees climbed the mountains in the Dongguan Qifeng Park.

Everyone was full of confidence, and chasing one another while enjoying the beautiful scenes along the way. They talked about the great changes that have taken place in Dongguan and the company in recent years. Step by step, they ascended the mountains and viewed the open horizon. Everyone was carried away in nature; they were laughing all the way. In less than half an hour, they arrived at the top of the mountain.

During their climbing, the employees showed their passion and vitality, exchanged ideas and bonded with each other. Everyone was refreshed, and determined to make new achievements in the workplace with passion. This trip brightened their life!

Walking shoulder to shoulder
Smiling faces everywhere in the park
Moving forward although sweating in the face
Guoli family gathering together on Qifeng Mountain
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