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Enhancing the awareness of fire control, and building a safe enterprise
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In response to the safety event themed “Life First, Safe Development” in Daojiao Town, Dongguan City in 2018, to better the emergency rescue capability, on June 29, 2018, the Daojiao Town Government organized the relevant functional departments to jointly hold a large-scale “Emergency rescue exercise in case of workplace safety accident” with our company. There were a total of about 650 people, including the Village (community) Party Branch Secretary in Daojiao Town, persons in charge of workplace safety and the enterprises, attended the event was hosted by Mr. Chen Xulin, the mayor of Daojiao Town.

Mr. Chen presided over the meeting


This drill simulated the fire in the warehouse of an enterprise due to a short circuit in the electrical circuit, which caused the combustibles in the warehouse to burn and a warehouse keeper was trapped. In case of the simulated fire accident, the company immediately launched an emergency plan, organized internal employees to escape and carried out preliminary emergency treatment.


Simulated escape 

Upon receiving the simulated fire alarm, the town-level emergency response plan for the production accident was initiated. The relevant departments rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. The fire was quickly controlled and the trapped personnel were rescued in time. The entire drill process was intense and orderly, which was a great success. The public on-site gave bursts of applause to express their gratitude for acquiring actual escape skills and emergency response capabilities.



Summary of the event


Through this safety fire drill, all employees of the company realized the importance of fire safety, strengthened their fire awareness and gave all employees a unique lesson on fire fighting.


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