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Intensifying training and bettering leadership
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On June 22, 2018, the Business School of Guangdong Guoli Science and Technology Co., Ltd. organized a special training on how to forge outstanding leadership in the organization, which was presented by Mr. Shao Zhifang, the assistant to the chairman, specially designed for the senior management of our company.

(Mr. Shao started training)

   Mr. Shao started the training with a test, who analyzes and explained the test results. Later, he opened the training on how to improve leadership at work. To help students to correctly understand leadership, Mr. Shao analyzed the source of leadership in the form of a chart and shared common misunderstandings of leadership with the participants. With regard to leadership improvement, Mr. Shao stated that as a qualified leader, one should meet the following three criteria: A. Excellent professional skills; B. Outstanding self-discipline; C. Team-leading capability"

(Training session)

   Mr. Shao then explained the above three points in detail. At the end of the training, he shared five suggestions with the trainees on the leadership improvement, and hoped that the trainees could apply what they learned in the training flexibly, and improve the comprehensive capability of their individuals and teams.

(Trainees sharing ideas)

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