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Winning by virtue of execution
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The special training named “Winning by virtue of execution” was held on time at the headquarters on May 26, 2018. Ms. Huang Xi, the GM of the company, was invited to give lectures. The senior management participated in the training and discussion.
        Ms. Huang started the training with the “Funnel phenomenon of compromised execution in the daily work of enterprises”, and guided the participants to think about and share the “compromised execution” phenomenon of themselves or their teams. She pointed out that one should know the problem when learning, and hoped to solve the problem of compromised execution with this training.

Guiding trainees at the training

Subsequently, Ms. Huang cited GE Jack Welch in the interpretation of execution. “The biggest black hole in management is the issue of execution. Without execution, there is no competitiveness. Execution is the key to success of the company.” The relationship between responsibility, system and execution was studied and shared with the participants, and the students were able to sort out their personal duties through interaction.

It is believed that after this training, everyone will have a new and profound understanding of execution. They can apply the knowledge as a tool for enterprise management, better implement various work and strictly comply with systems.


Interaction between trainees

Training session


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