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Mastering communication skills and improving enterprise management
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To improve the communication skills of the management and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, on April 28th and 29th, 2018, our company organized a total of 70 people to participate in the two-day and one-night "Eloquence and productivity" training.


(Photo of training)

        We invited Mr. Chen Xiaojian, the chief instructor of international professional trainer and standard tutorial to gave this training in conjunction with the company's actual situation. In the training, Mr. Chen explained the in-depth and difficult-to-understand theory in an understandable way. He gave the easy-to-understand work cases to analyze and discuss, guided the trainees to discover problems. He analyzed the influences of the management's duties on their jobs and other aspects, explained the Leadership personality (ie personal charm) to help the trainees become the responsible management. Subsequently, Mr. Chen gave on-the-spot guidance and demonstration to the participants on the basic skills of the management, “Expression and Speech”, and made comments on the performance of ten speech-makers.

(On-site interaction)


(On-the-spot teaching)



(Simulation exercise)


(Photo of the trainees and trainer)

         This training helps the trainees to recognize the management's role and master the skills of effective expression and communication. Through this event, the communication and learning capability of the middle and senior management our company are promoted. The teamwork spirit is well recognized, and a solid foundation is laid for us to build a learning-oriented enterprise based on innovation and positive attitude.

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