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Warm birthday celebrations in five subsidiaries!
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To promote the excellent employee-oriented care and express thanks to our employees for their hard work, we help our employees to enjoy happiness in the warm family. On February 25, 2017, our company organized a birthday party for nearly 100 employees who had a birthday in February.
They were happy at their birthday party, singing a happy birthday song, blowing a candle, eating a cake and having a selfie... Each employee got involved in and enjoyed the birthday party.the joy of the birthday party. The company also prepared the beautiful birthday cards signed by the chairman, which showed our company's care for employees.

Employees enjoying birthday in Chiling Houjie


Employees enjoying birthday in Zhaoqing

Employees enjoying birthday in Tingshan Houjie

Employees enjoying birthday in Xiaohe Daojiao Town

Employees enjoying birthday in Headquarters

Wish a happy birthday to our employees born in February; wish you live happily forever!

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